Monday, 2 February 2015

Recognition for the humble press-up

As some of you already know, I´m very interested in fitness. Until recently, my fitness routine consisted in brisk walking for an hour every day. Enter the humble press-up.

Yes, it´s been a few weeks now since I decided to incorporate press-ups into my daily exercise. And the difference shows. I am already noticing that my upper body is becoming slightly bigger and stronger, although don´t expect me to become the next Mr Universe, as this is not the way to do it and neither do I want such thing.

Forgive me if I don´t give you photographic evidence, but that would be dangerously close to “showing off” (I wouldn´t mind showing off in the bedroom, though). Besides, I´ve always been a thin person so, if you want to be impressed by big muscles, look elsewhere.

Having said that, doing press-ups is a great addition to your cardio exercise (brisk walking) and both will contribute to having a stronger, healthier body. 

Oh, I´m so pumped up.

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