Thursday, 7 March 2013

Someone turn off the tap!

Aargh! It's been raining for the past few days and I've had enough. You can have a look at the weather widget in the sidebar to see that I'm not lying.

This may be nice weather for ducks but it's beginning to look very much like England. Bring back the sunshine!

Well, at least our reservoirs are increasing their storage of water so it's unlikely that the supply will be cut off for hours come summer. 

Here's some vocabulary related to rain in English and Spanish:

rain = lluvia
heavy rain = fuertes lluvias
drizzle = llovizna
it's raining = llueve, está lloviendo
it's raining cats and dogs / it's raining buckets = está lloviendo a mares/a cántaros
it's pouring (down) / it's pouring with rain = está diluviando/lloviendo a cántaros
the heavens opened = empezó a llover a mares / empezó a diluviar

Now watch this popular nursery rhyme. Hopefully, next time I post we will be enjoying some warm rays!

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