Saturday, 11 July 2015

Longman Language Activator

Every time I lay my hands on a dictionary by Longman, I cannot but rave about it. The Language Activator is no exception.
While my last review focussed on collocations (with thesaurus entries), this work by Longman is all about expressing a variety of concepts using similar words and phrases. In short, this is Longman´s thesaurus for English students.
A learner´s thesaurus is an extremely useful book that contributes to mastering the English lexicon, helping you to write and sound more like a native speaker. Students who are not familiar with this type of work tend to overuse general words such as "nice", "good", "happy", etc. instead of choosing others like "charming", "impressive", "thrilled", and so on, which may be more appropriate in certain contexts.
Longman Language Activator presents 866 general concepts, divided into more specific ideas. Detailed explanations are then given for all words and phrases followed by relevant examples and collocations.
This dictionary is a treasure.
Longman Language Activator

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