Saturday, 24 January 2015

Still living with a gecko

Over a year ago, I wrote about a certain gecko which had made itself rather comfortable in my house. Well, the bloody bastard is still here!

I´ve tried everything: turning the music up in the faint hope of driving it mad until it moves out, kindly showing it the door (and window), setting a trap... to no avail.

This must be the Albert Einstein of geckoes! Nothing works. Besides, as soon as it sees me, the creature shoots off and hides somewhere out of my reach. Now, I know for certain I can catch this wall-crawler if I put my mind to it, but in doing so, I´d probably end up killing it. That´s a risk I´m not willing to take. You see, I´m somewhat of an animal lover. The only exception would be if the creature posed a real threat to my health or others´. But that is not the case.

Oh well, I´ll continue experimenting with ways to catch this gecko without actually having to enlist the help of a cat . Watch this space.

  • You´re such a wuss, just kill it!
  • Refine your trap
  • Get a cat
  • Have you tried roast gecko?
  • Wait until it kicks the bucket
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