Tuesday, 20 January 2015

From London, Sydney, New York... to el Valle

The first language school for students of English is now open in my home village.

This language school offers courses from beginner level up to B1 level, as far as I know. I suppose the fact that there were at least four of us teaching English in the village had something to do in making this centre a reality. You see, there was actually a need for such a school, despite being just “a small village”.

For years, students have had to go to Antequera (21 kms away) to attend lessons at one of the language schools that you can find there. Others decided to have private lessons with one of the teachers I mentioned above, including me. All that has now changed for the better.

Previously, having to go to a neighbouring town for English lessons meant spending a great deal of time moving from one place to another. Add to that the usual amount of homework and tiredness resulting from taking the bus to school very early in the morning, and you´ll agree that this English centre is probably very welcome.

You may be wondering whether I´m teaching at that language school. No, I´m not. I don´t have the particulars but I suppose the teaching staff must have been hired well in advance so I´m not expecting a job offer any time soon. At any rate, such a position would sooner or later clash with my status as a supply teacher (not to mention I´m currently very busy writing my book and planning others).

Be that as it may, some students have already told me that they will be attending this school and also continue his private lessons with me, as they cannot get one-to-one tuition there, for obvious reasons.

I´m glad more and more people have an opportunity to learn English (though, to be honest, most of them just want or need a certificate in English, I don´t think they do it out of love for Shakespeare´s language).

Anyway, I say it´s all grist to our English mill, and, hey, maybe some of those students will eventually buy one of my books!

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