Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Writing is exciting!

There is no doubt that writing is an important skill in any language. What students may not realise is that, apart from developing this skill, writing on a regular basis and reading that work from time to time is an effective way of revising grammar and vocabulary.

One great way to do this is by starting your own blog. Students can get motivated if they see that people from around the world are reading their posts. Once they have created a good piece of writing, they can always come back to that piece and re-read what they wrote. This will help them consolidate the grammar and vocabulary they have used.

I have written lots of posts on this blog which I often re-read for two reasons: (1) I enjoy them (2) They allow me to revise grammar and vocabulary. You see, I practise what I preach!

These are some sample phrases and sentences of the grammar and vocabulary you can find in my posts:


The superlative

become the greatest racer
you're actually having the best of...

can in the future = will be able to

English learners, who will be able to get...

Sentential relative clause

Some of these documentaries can also be downloaded, which makes it possible for you to...

The past simple

Last month, I interviewed...

should: advice

You should know what you're buying...

The passive

new scenes have been added
an event was held in New York



a wide variety of
take your pick
take the form of
as you know
on Blu-ray
hit movie
not to mention...
in high definition
a growing collection
on a regular basis
to begin with
on the contrary
an immediate hit
a compelling story
a definite plus
look no further
a smile on your face
be in luck
sit back and relax
sure enough
do exercise
spring into action


let's get down to brass tacks
pick somebody's brains
pass your exams with flying colours
praise somebody to the skies
rain or shine
soaked to the skin
up hill and down dale
run a tight ship
Twitter is a different animal


laughter is the best medicine
you can take/lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink
the proof of the pudding is in the eating
no pain, no gain
use it or lose it

Phrasal verbs

...not to mess around with her man!
you can catch up on YouTube
I always look forward to buying the latest...
build up an extensive collection of...
...a possibility of being run over by heavy traffic!

Naturally, the more posts you write, the more grammar and vocabulary you will be using - and revising later.

Time to put pen to paper (or start typing)!

Do you write on a regular basis?

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