Monday, 6 May 2013

Those wonderful days

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I spent my primary school years at a boarding school commonly known as "Aguirre", near Antequera. It was run by an order of priests, the Salesians of Don Bosco. Some of these priests also taught their own subjects, together with other teachers who came every day from neighbouring towns and villages.

They ran a tight ship there so if you started fooling around in class you would quickly have some sense knocked into your head. It was very effective.

We had classes in the morning and extracurricular activities in the afternoon. I remember going to the IT class and doing sport, mainly football and volleyball. I also played marbles!

In the evening, we would spend some time in the playground playing tag. On occasion, we would be treated to a movie before going to bed.

Despite all the strictness, I believe they instilled some good values into students: discipline, respect, hard work, etc., which I'm sure must have helped steer many in the right direction.

The teacher in the picture was our form tutor, Don Francisco, very well-liked and fondly remembered by most students. He's still teaching there.

Now, do you recognise me among those students?

Have you been a student at a boarding school?

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