Monday, 18 February 2013

Penguins: spy in the huddle

I'm currently watching one of the most beautiful and heartwarming documentaries about penguins I have ever seen. It is a BBC production entitled Penguins: spy in the huddle.

I watched the first part last Monday on BBC 1 HD [How can I receive the British channels in Spain? Click here] and loved it. The team behind this production follows the lives of three species of penguins: Emperor penguin, Rockhopper and Humboldt. Each of these species is found in a different location.

What makes this wildlife series special is the use of 50 "spy-cams" to record every detail in the life of these birds up close. These cameras take the form of rocks, eggs and even penguins. So real do these robotic penguins look that one scene in the documentary shows a penguin trying to mate with one of them. Then, the lady penguin appeared and clearly told the robotic penguin not to mess around with her man!

As you know, I love documentaries so I'm definitely buying this series on Blu-ray as soon as it's released. In the meantime, if you haven't seen the first part, you can catch up on YouTube. Just click on the link below.

Do you like penguins?

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