Thursday, 7 February 2013

Would you pick up the tab... or the girl?

gin and tonic
an alcoholic drink made with gin and tonic = gin-tonic
account for (something)
give an explanation for (something) = explicar (algo)
  be fond of (something)
have a liking for (something) = gustarte (algo)
you meet a lot of people 
you see and talk to many people for the first time = conoces a mucha gente
you're a good judge of a person
your opinion of other people is usually right = sabes juzgar a las personas, eres buena psicóloga
your weight
how heavy you are = tu peso
flattery will get you nowhere (saying) (humorous)
your praise will not help you get what you want = con halagos no vas a conseguir nada
I mean it
I'm serious = lo digo en serio
once or twice
on one or two occasions = una o dos veces, un par de veces
the taller, the better
it is better if you are very tall = cuanto más alta, mejor
Are you local?
Do you live in the neighbourhood? = ¿Eres de aquí?
very much = muchísimo, inmensamente, tremendamente
a young lady
a woman who has not lived for many years = una joven
drink up
consume the rest of a drink = terminar de beber
paddle off (informal)
clear off, go away = lárgate
ignore him
don't pay attention to him, disregard what he has said = ignóralo
I was just wondering ...
a polite way of inviting someone or asking them to do something = estaba pensando...
go on
said when you're encouraging someone to do something = venga, anda, vamos
take someone out for a meal
take someone to a restaurant, bar, etc. to have lunch or dinner = sacar a alguien a comer
showing affection, kindness or enthusiasm = afectuosa, cálida
terrific (informal)
excellent = fantástico, estupendo, maravilloso, fabuloso
knockers (informal) (offensive)
a woman's breasts = tetas, domingas 
fancy something (British English) (informal)
like or want something = apetecerte algo
a bite to eat (informal)
something to eat, not a full meal = un bocado, algo de comer
for goodness' sake (informal)
said when you're annoyed or surprised = por lo que más quieras, por el amor de Dios

Is that a good way to pick up a girl at a bar?

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