Saturday, 29 December 2012

Do you "sea" what they mean?

This is another great video of British humour. Below is some vocabulary to help you with comprehension.

I say  oye, eh
bosun  contramaestre
we've been cast adrift...  llevamos a la deriva...
tunes  melodías
"All Things Bright and Beautiful"  this is an Anglican hymn - see the video here
log  cuaderno de bitácora, diario de a bordo
New Year's Eve  Nochevieja
running plimsoll  zapatilla (para correr)
left over from Christmas  que sobró de la Navidad
fellas  (informal)  tíos, tipos
(it) stands to reason  es lógico, salta a la vista
Hello, sailor  this is a sexual proposition made by a prostitute to a sailor who has been long at sea
twit  (British English) (informal)  imbécil, tonto
scrupulously fair  escrupulosamente justos
eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by his toe...  pito, pito, gorgorito, dónde vas tú tan bonito, a la era verdadera, pin pon fuera
seagull dropping  caca/excremento de gaviota
hang on a minute  espera un momento
Jewish  judío
kosher  kosher (alimentos que cumplen los requisitos del judaísmo)
hold still  no te muevas
pull the trigger  apretar el gatillo
tasty  rico, sabroso
brine myself / marinade myself  me pongo en salmuera / me marino
sharks  tiburones
mate  oficial (de la marina mercante)
last requests  últimos deseos
innit?  ¿verdad?
put me off my food  quitarme las ganas de comer
dance the night away  pasar la noche bailando
spirit  1. espíritu, ánimo 2. alcohol
I'm looking forward to this  tengo muchas ganas
famished (informal)  famélico, muerto de hambre
Sealink  a ferry company which was notorious for its bad food

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  1. Hi Francisco!

    Hope you have a fun New Year.

    If I can find something from Australia which you might like, will pass it on.


  2. Thanks, David, and a happy New Year to you too.

    Keep us posted!