Monday, 22 June 2015

Training your ear

Yesterday, I wrote about how difficult it is to understand certain song lyrics, even for native speakers. Today, I want to tell you about a great site I´ve come across called Lyrics Training.

This site holds a collection of music videos you can watch. The educational aspect of the site is that, as you listen to a song, you have to write the lyrics. In other words, they put your comprehension to the test.

You can choose different levels from beginner to expert. The higher the level, the more gaps you have to complete, up to “expert”. At the highest level, you have to write the full lyrics.

You might think, “My fingers won´t be able to keep up with the voices!” Worry not. The system recognises this problem and, whenever you don´t have enough time to write a line, the video is automatically rewinded a little in order for you to complete it. Brilliant!

I put myself to the test with Ellie Goulding´s “Love Me like You Do” and I got 100% correct. Of course, that´s not a difficult song but the point is that it was a fun way to practise comprehension. Next time, I´ll choose another song and try to get as much as possible.

Whatever the results, you will be practising and improving your listening comprehension. Give it a try!

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