Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Reading to your heart´s content

Hi everyone,

After a long time conspicuously absent from this blog, here I am again. You may be wondering what I´ve been up to during that time. Well, I´ve been very busy for the past few months researching and writing my first book, due for publication on Amazon in March. I will reveal more information in the weeks ahead.

But first things first, I´ve got to tell you I have recently entered a brave new world of reading. As you can see from the picture below, I am a very happy user of an Amazon Kindle.

Now, you might be tempted to think that an e-reader cannot hold a candle to the real thing. Well, you´d be sorely mistaken. Kindle is a wonderful piece of technology:

- Small and light
- Touchscreen display
- Designed for reading, with a sharp, glare-free screen that reads like a printed book
- Lets you adjust text size, typeface, line spacing and margins to your taste or needs
- Holds thousands of books
- Integrated dictionaries (for different languages)
- You can take and share notes
- Vocabulary builder: lets you revise all the words you´ve looked up in the dictionary through flashcards until you master them
- Long battery life: read for weeks without a charge
- Thousands of books at low prices on Amazon

To me, a love for reading plus a Kindle equals a match made in heaven. I can now have my whole library on a small device, read with no eye fatigue and even learn more vocabulary thanks to its integrated dictionaries.

Don´t judge a Kindle by its cover. Give it a try. I bet you´ll be converted.

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