Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Songs and language learning

Songs can be used in language learning to teach and motivate students. Songs are a good resource because:

- You can relate to other people's culture and lifestyle

Songs deal with a variety of topics which most students will find appealing: love, friendship, success, failure, crime, loneliness, drugs, anger, etc.

- They provide a source of informal vocabulary

As there are thousands of songs, students will be able to learn many words and expressions. A large part of this vocabulary is informal, used in everyday conversations.

- They can help you improve pronunciation, rhythm and intonation

You can achieve that by listening and singing along to the lyrics. Besides, it's a lot of fun!

Starting tomorrow, I will post music videos on a regular basis with the lyrics translated into Spanish. You can read the lyrics in English and Spanish. Then, watch the video and you'll be able to understand everything.

What music genre do you like?

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